Our goal is to help you run your business smarter

We are a young danish-based team, who have great experience with helping stores that handle repairs and service. We started off in the bike-industry, where we developed a system for bike shops to handle repairs, work orders, sales etc. This was a great success, helping the stores save time and make more money.

As we went along, more and more stores from other industries contacted us and wanted to try out the system. We found that many of the needs were the same and have adapted to customer-wishes. Today, ServicePOS is being used in hundreds of stores, in many different industries and countries.


We are a small agile team, always open to new ideas. Our product is in constant development and the system is very flexible and can be adjusted to your needs with just a few clicks.

Please contact us if you have any particular questions or good ideas.

Meet the team

Brian Jakobsen - Co founder
Lasse Melbye - Co founder
Rasmus Melbye - Co founder
Torben Frigaard - Investor, co-owner
Christian Juhler - Marketing
Kasper Laursen - Freelance, strategy
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