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Servicepos is the complete online POS system for sales and service businesses. Try for free and get started easily – we help you save time!

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System til it og smartphone repair
Phone and IT
Kassesystem til detail og butik
Retail and lifestyle
Kassesystem til guldsmede og smykkebutikker
Jewellery and watches
System til have og park forretninger
Garden / Outdoor
Salg og service
Sales and service
Arbejdskort til mc og auto butikker
Auto and Moto
Our customers are phone and IT repair shops jewellery shops garden and outdoor shops watch makers bike shops clothing shops moto and auto shops retail chains
Fnugfri Vacuum repair center
Fnugfri Vacuum repair center
Claus Ø. Mosekjær - Owner
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I have been using Servicepos for 3 years in my store. It is super easy and it saves me a lot of time in my shops and workshop. I use the repair management system to handle all my clients and tickets so i am in full control of the progress of the tickets.
Brillant jewellery store
Brillant jewellery store
Dorthe - Owner
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We have 2 stores both using Servicepos and the inventory sharing features makes it easy for us to reorder and manage inventory in general. Our employees find i very easy to work with and the UI is super intuitive and nice. This is a real time saver for us - good job.
Goldsmith Surel
Goldsmith Surel
Anette Surel - owner
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We are a 110 year old store, and changing system was a daunting task, but Servicepos have the best support and it was a very easy process to get started. We are very happy with the system and i would recommend it to any jewellery store.
Brdr. Skov - IT store
Brdr. Skov - IT store
Kenneth Skov - Owner
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We chose Servicepos online point of sale and repair shop management system for our IT shop because it was online and easy to begin with. The system helps us manage POS, inventory and workshop tickets for all our services we offer. I would recommend this to any IT / phone repair shop.
Rosenholm park & garden store
Rosenholm park & garden store
Helle Hansen Co-owner
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We have many employees and it is super smart that they can use ipads when serving customers in the store. This way they can bring ipads around in the store and check inventory, prices and make an invoice directly together with the customer. They can also add tickets and check ticket repair status on the fly.
PS studio gym
PS studio gym
Anne Sofie Skall - Web manager
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We use Servicepos for our gym where we have a small store, the system inventory is connected with our Woocommerce webshop, so we can manage all the inventory in one place - This saves a lot of time and is super efficient.
Phone-Rep - 4 stores
Phone-Rep - 4 stores
Thomas West - CEO
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We created a free account to try out the system and right away we found that it was exactly what we needed in our 4 stores. We know have the system in all our stores, and the chain setup makes it easy to shave inventory, tickets and manage products. This is a real time saver for us.
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We’re constantly developing new apps and integrations, that make it easier for you to run your business. Our standard integrations include webshop-, accounting systems and much more.

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In need for a special integration? We have a fully documented REST API that you can use to create your own integration. Please contact us for any help.

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The system works on all platforms, pc, mac, iPad etc. and there are no limits to simultaneous users.

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We will happily help you transfer data from other systems for you, e.g. products, stock, customer data etc.

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